Overheard in Second Life®

Themis Enzo: eyeing my bewbs?
Airedine Poe: sure fuckin am

Overheard @ Adore & Abhor Mainstore


Themis Enzo: I feel like i should be sleeping with you or something
Themis Enzo: I see how it is
Airedine Poe: maybe you should.
Themis Enzo winks
Silvie Silvera: maybe i should watch >_>

Overheard @ System Anarchy

[submitted via email]

Templar Greggan: last movie i saw was dr. strangelove
Templar Greggan: when i was 60
Templar Greggan: i remember cause my uterus fell out in it
Templar Greggan: yeah now i just tape it to my forehead

Overheard @ Transylvania
[submitted via email]

Skatoulaki Nakamori: hiya vala
Vala Newbie: Hi ya
Skatoulaki Nakamori: how’s your Second Life going?
Vala Newbie: Its going good… got raped, got beaten, then beat the hell out of the guy that raped me

Overheard @ For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge & Excess Debauchery (we go by the acronym;)

This one is way overdue! Thanks, skat for your submission!

Bridgitte Boucher: you want this pole pussy?
Pussy Nacht: don’t need a pole
Pussy Nacht needs a dog
Pussy Nacht covers her butt

Overheard @ WhisperingFalls

Captain Clipper: homo sapien
Beertschi Lytton: bi is ok too
Captain Clipper: bi focals?

Overheard at GOL

Seismo Glanz: i have boobies too but there definetly man boobs made from muscle
Seismo Glanz: not milk
Asrael Hax: mine a made from muscles too… mostly cow muscles
ACIDOG Zsun: baaaah not gonna touch another boob ever again now.

Overheard @ Seismo’s rezday party in Club Session One

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