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Hern Worsley: its always fun to shave and try diff facial hair types as you go… i always end with a hitler moustache
FatLula Paine: wonder what wouldve happneded to the hitler moustache if hitler never existed.. maybe we would all have it now.. latest fashion thing
Nath Jonesford: It would be a Chaplin moustache
Thema Felix: it might just be called the “drunk and passed out beside a sharpie marker” stache
YuzienBorn Janus: that too lmao
FatLula Paine: that or the flyest thing in gangsta rap fashion
Thema Felix: the hood over your grill, eh

Overheard @ HOME

by: you guessed it


Elizabeth Hallstrom: do you like black jeans fat?
FatLula Paine: no way..
Elizabeth Hallstrom: hahah
FatLula Paine: im not gay

@ moosh

Overheard by: Thema Felix

ColeMarie Soleil: its like only 30L
ColeMarie Soleil: and it comes with a toaster
ColeMarie Soleil: a PANDA toaster
Scar Thorne: OMG
ColeMarie Soleil: !
Mijn Boa: like a real panda ? ^^
Scar Thorne: thats sex
ColeMarie Soleil: mhm
ColeMarie Soleil: it’s toast sex

@ Mijn Boa’s art display

Overheard by: /me hides behind mask