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Katat0nik Pidgeon: sakura could have a prim poop stuck to her butt and she’d still be adorable
Dove Swanson: prim poop FTW! 😀 I haz that! 😀

Winter Jefferson:
Thank you for saving me… I was being whipped on a yacht by models…

Mirabelle Silverstar:
I thought it was a costume party…should I change?
Winter Jefferson: No, you look surprisingly good dead

Overheard @ Zombie Love


Autumn Hykova: have I ever told you that the names
Autumn Hykova: claudia
Autumn Hykova: clau
Autumn Hykova: claude
Autumn Hykova: reminds me of menstrual blood clots?

Submitted via IM

Fionna Whiteberry: your fishes name is “stupid type killer”?
Nerd Mumfuzz: huh?
Nerd Mumfuzz: No it was “monster vagina mouth”

Overheard @ Fat Fannies, Paradise Isle

by Paulina in Green

Felicity Pony: *:-.,_,.-:*’“’*Daddy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*’“’*
Greymuzzle attaches a leash to felicity’s collar.

Overheard @ FreeStyle

by: IzzyBelle Lane

Jebus Beaumont: Bea [his partner], how do you feel about infidelity when faced with a awesome mustach candycanesucking old english style haired sim manager?
Jebus Beaumont: just curious
Jebus Beaumont: i mean
Jebus Beaumont: hypothetically
Jebus Beaumont: >_>
Beatrix Hienrichs: kind of turned on, actually

Overheard @ Salina Beach

by: Thema Felix

I am the Other Woman

Autumn Hykova: I kinda wanna partner with all of you
Jebus Beaumont: omg yes
Autumn Hykova: and have prim babies
Thema Felix: we’re all about the multiple lovers here
Jebus Beaumont: mutant prim baaaabies!?!?!?!
Beatrix Hienrichs: mutant NINJA prim babies
Thema Felix: oooh as long as your belly talks to me
Thema Felix: in haiku
Autumn Hykova: I want a haiku spouting prim belly!

(brief pause for much lawling)

Jebus Beaumont feels a little ill because hes pregnent but still is working his job as a stripper
Jebus Beaumont probably should take off his damn prim stomach while hes working but wants everyone to know hes pregnent
Autumn Hykova: you should go on oprah
Jebus Beaumont definitely has some real life issues and is attempting to solve the losses hes feeling in reality *gets distracted by his upset stomach and wants saltine crackers*
Autumn Hykova: Jebus rubs his belly, content knowing his baby is happily tucked in
Jebus Beaumont: *drinks profusely, angry at the devil child inside him that is robbing him of his perfect teenage body*

Overheard @ Salina Beach

by: all of us

Feralangel Tolsen: i am talking about people here.. not animals
Feralangel Tolsen: just to make that clear
Feralangel Tolsen: i don’t do anything with other species

Amythest Wingtips: is that why your collar is like a dog’s collar?
Feralangel Tolsen: well.. not really. this isn’t the one that came with the puppy play set


Freya Halfpint: the next time somebody gives me a group to join i am going to put an arrow in their eye

Overheard @ The Hair Fair Orange sim

by: Thema Felix