Overheard in Second Life®

I think it was the demo box

Posted on: August 24, 2008

Jebus Beaumont: Bea [his partner], how do you feel about infidelity when faced with a awesome mustach candycanesucking old english style haired sim manager?
Jebus Beaumont: just curious
Jebus Beaumont: i mean
Jebus Beaumont: hypothetically
Jebus Beaumont: >_>
Beatrix Hienrichs: kind of turned on, actually

Overheard @ Salina Beach

by: Thema Felix

I am the Other Woman


2 Responses to "I think it was the demo box"

*LAWLZ* hey, i’m SLelabate but you got me a lil hot and bothered… oh and i’m straight too. STOP CONFUSING ME WITH YOUR MUSTACHE RIDES!!!

p.s. Olivia might have a little gem that would shine on this website, I told her you two need to talk, hehe

For sure! I like having other people submit those gems 😉

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