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Home, Sweet Home!

Posted on: September 10, 2008

Allymae Thursday: [a mom, to her dad, Maschinen] meet your grandson lol
Ally Sass: [Allymae’s daughter, to Caelan, the son] HAHA
Ally Sass: ill sit on u
Ally Sass sits on Caelans head
Caelan Waffle bites her leg
Ally Sass: bite me and ill eat u
Ally Sass: Fer LUNCH!!
Ally Sass: with a SPOOOON!!
Allymae Thursday: you will not eat your brother
Caelan Waffle: i iwll eat u first
Caelan Waffle: i wil leat u wiht a bendie straw
Ally Sass: Well ill eat u with a toaster!!
Caelan Waffle: i will eat u with my ectra long toe nail
Allymae Thursday: daddy, say to your grandson
Maschinen Schwartzman: hiya
Allymae Thursday: same with you mommie [Ivy]
Caelan Waffle: hewo
Ally Sass: i will eat u thru my nose!!
Allymae Thursday: i told you i wanted another kid dangit
Caelan Waffle: i will eat u with a loberster bib
Ally Sass: I will eat u with a tostito
Maschinen Schwartzman: welcome in the crazy family
Ivy Graves: we beat eachother with fish

Overheard @ Atomic Kitty


2 Responses to "Home, Sweet Home!"

this is why SL families give me the willies. to each there own!

*hugs* the family for making her own seem normal.

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