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Stevie Muggins: the only problem is that I think this dress would make me have boobs
Stevie Muggins: I’m not sure
Craigafer Luik: HI5!
Stevie Muggins: now I need a corset
Stevie Muggins: again
Craigafer Luik: HI5!

Overheard @ Armidi


Samara Greggan: is that santa running over there? lol
Samara Greggan: lol nvm it’s a furry

Overheard @ Strata

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Autumn Hykova: look like what I pull out of my couch
Joel Ra: thankies =D
Joel Ra chokes on his coke
Autumn Hykova puts Joel back into the couch
Joel Ra: oh
Joel Ra: i missread that, thought you said crotch, or was that wishful thinking

Overheard by IzzyBelle Lane @ her house

Winter Jefferson casually saunters over to buy number 6 again…
Dove Swanson: lol Winter! you greedy mo fo!
Winter Jefferson: What, like its a limited edition?
Milli Santos: He can’t keep his hands outta your shit, Dover.
Dove Swanson: most men can’t. it’s a problem.
Candy Cerveau: blood and shit on his hands…
Dove Swanson sighs.
Winter Jefferson:
Voshie Paine: eww
Voshie Paine: keep the blood lose the shit
Winter Jefferson: Oh, someone has to make Dove shit gloves then
Milli Santos: I saw him rubbin’ his face in one yesterday…

Overheard by Whimsy Winx

Poe Tatum: Gurlz dun fart it was.. Uhh
Poe Tatum: Barking spiders!
Wednesday Soon: stepped ona frog!
Wednesday Soon: ducks in the house somewhere
Poe Tatum: Rusty hinge D:

Overheard @ *DP*yumyum

Glamouramama Boa: i’ve got thighs that can kill a man
Glamouramama Boa: and he’d die really fucking happy

Overheard @ Fat Fannies

Asrael Hax: omg i see offline people O.O
Kisten Bailey: Is that like seeing dead people?
Asrael Hax: i haz figured that out yet
Asrael Hax: haz not
Asrael Hax: omg i eez confused
Kisten Bailey: Apparantly.
Asrael Hax: confused or like seeing dead people?
Asrael Hax: confused too?
Samara Greggan: fah shiz yo!
Kisten Bailey: Nope. I’m quite clear on how retarted you are.

Overheard by Asrael Hax