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Archive for November 2008

Samara Greggan: were you on the bottom the last time? I can’t remember. lol
Jerome Deadlight: you had your foot in my ear i think
Samara Greggan: I just remember the bathroom. I don’t remember the order. LMAO

Overheard @ Samara’s house


MissKillian Barbosa: Is Winston doing better? Hercules crapped on the dining room carpet. ::Shakes fist::
Nicci Singh: Give him some kaopectate
Nicci Singh: works everytime
Nicci Singh: Its true. when ya dog has the runs
Nicci Singh: Only give the white stuff

Bonus Round:
Nicci Singh: Ok.. Im off to a fetish party
Nicci Singh: wanna come Kill?

Overheard @ A.I.F Pets