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Lolla Honi: omg that gesture feels like a probe, ffs
Seismo Glanz: speaking from experience there Lolla?
Lolla Honi: from a nightmare i used to have
Lolla Honi: it was like dentist and ob/gyn combined, grrrr
Lolla Honi: without the lollipop at the end

Overheard @ Stupid Qpit

She measured about 48

She measured about 4'8"

Lynx Stenvaag [male]: Hey Kid
sue Susser: lol iam i to short?
Lynx Stenvaag: Well naybe you like being a little girl
Lynx Stenvaag: i dont know
sue Susser: well this skin makes me little as it is
[sue adjusts her height slider]
sue Susser: that better?
Lynx Stenvaag: A little
sue Susser: i think this is good
Lynx Stenvaag: look like a 12 year old now
Lynx Stenvaag: not a 7 year old

Overheard @ ~SHAG~