Overheard in Second Life®

Assland! Asstopia! Isle of Ass! Assikstan!

Posted on: January 10, 2009

Nadine Nozaki gently strokes her finger over codies ass, love you my rouge
Osiris Pfalz motorboats Codie’s ass
Nexeus Fatale touches Codie’s ass….
Kieran Petty: Hah. Dogpile on Codie’s ass!
CodeBastard Redgrave: hahahahaha XD
Kieran Petty grins and gives Code’s ass a good slap.
Trinity Dechou bounces on Codie’s ass
CodeBastard Redgrave: okay i am litterally digesting myself. gimme 5 minutes so i can cook a quick breakfast, BRB
CodeBastard Redgrave: and my ass is there for molesting
Nexeus Fatale plays football on Codie’s ass!
Trinity Dechou: bite Codie’s ass?
Nimil Blackflag parcels off a little section of codie’s butt for her very own :p
Kieran Petty: What, are you planting a flag on it?
Kieran Petty: “I claim this ass for the glory of Quebec!” or something
Thema Felix: will her ass try to secede from Canada?
Osiris Pfalz wonders what the prim allowance is on Codie’s ass?
Trinity Dechou: wonder what the ARC of Codie’s ass is?
Lucas Gerard: double prims… i say… and sexy ones
Nadine Nozaki kisses codie ass all over leaving nie lip marks all over
Nexeus Fatale: Hey Isle! Rule one! Touch Codie’s ass anyway possible!
Isle Lunasea: Happy Rezday Codie ㋡
Isle Lunasea: I cant see her ass!!
Paige Muircastle: Codie’s ass is having breakfast
Nimil Blackflag: there is no population cap on codie’s ass
Nexeus Fatale wonders if Codie’s ass is it’s own country….
Roxette Wise: Codie’s ass can be seen from space

Overheard @ Rouge


3 Responses to "Assland! Asstopia! Isle of Ass! Assikstan!"

Thanks for sharing Codie’s ass 😀

This was a totally unexpected stumble 😀 good thing the whole pole dance part wasn’t recorded… right?…

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