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Stephanie Sciarri: jeez shay you have big balls for a hermaph
Shay Savon: i kno
Shay Savon: i use roids

Overheard @ !MEYA!

Mandoaa Dragonash: Kitty’s vagina exploded
Lauryn Arado: ROFL
KittyKitty Catteneo: OMG..i’m so sorry!
KittyKitty Catteneo: i did not know that would happen!
Lauryn Arado: ahahahaha
KittyKitty Catteneo: it was a gift!
Mandoaa Dragonash shouts: Kitty, I got uterus on me!!!!!

Overheard @ Seven Ultra Lounge

yessica Bellic [female giantess]: hi
mavcock Akina [james bond impersonator]: hay
yessica Bellic: you are sex ?
yessica Bellic: you are sex ??
mavcock Akina: yes
yessica Bellic: um
yessica Bellic: iam a sex
yessica Bellic: lets go
mavcock Akina: next time babe
yessica Bellic: no bye
mavcock Akina: ok
yessica Bellic: ok ?
mavcock Akina: this time im busy

Overheard @ Zoobyland

Sophia Harlow: and i was like…omg im sorry i hit you with my dildo and he goes..im sorry i farted

Overheard @ Bluebonnet

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Natalie Defiant: good job, mocking an entire culture in the midst of their sim
Elliott Fhang: hahahaha
Elliott Fhang: but isn’t it awesome!

Elliott Fhang: ha sorry i don’t know why i find this so much fun
Natalie Defiant: you’re on crack again

Overheard @ Zaara