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Seismo Glanz: i have boobies too but there definetly man boobs made from muscle
Seismo Glanz: not milk
Asrael Hax: mine a made from muscles too… mostly cow muscles
ACIDOG Zsun: baaaah not gonna touch another boob ever again now.

Overheard @ Seismo’s rezday party in Club Session One

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Haver Cole: I dont want to work today!
Autumn Hykova: you should come work in my pants
Haver Cole: ok!

Overheard @ Artilleri

Beautiful Haiku Hugs [the new LeLutka wedding gown]
Beautiful Haiku: I’m hugging the dress.
Beautiful Haiku: Little does Gustavo know . . . I’m planning our wedding AND our children.
Beautiful Haiku: Something tells me he wouldn’t mind. Somethings tells me he’s nuuuts about me. ;-P

In the next room…
Gallia Plubeau: im rusty on my wedding shopping tho!
Gallia Plubeau: we needa do this everyweek baby
Wilma Delgado: well, it’s about time you married his ass….those babies are gonna be in high school soon

Overheard @ LeLutka