Overheard in Second Life®

Submission Guidelines

What do we want?

Silly, strange, scary or just plain interesting quotes overheard in Second Life®!

When do we want it?


What’s the point?

To share a good laugh or deep thought with each other. If you’re offended, ignore it. If you like it, enjoy it!

What’s allowed?

  • “Overheard” means conversations you observe, whether you’re in them or not.
  • Anything said in open chat or group chat. No one-on-one IMs.
  • One-liners and/or dialog… anything goes in terms of length.
  • Names or descriptors for the people talking (e.g “Leather-clad Tiny”, “Noob Guy”, or “Giant female dragon”
  • Suggestions for subject lines

How to submit a quote

Email themafelix AT gmail DOT com with:

  1. The quote
  2. Name of the location where you heard it (with SLURL™ if you’re really awesome)
  3. Your SL™ name or something silly if you want to remain anonymous
  4. Optional: title suggestion

Example submission

Guaranteed to not cause cavities

Joe Schmoe: Crikey hell! The cupcakes are people!!
Linus McGee: Lemme find my licking pose!

Overheard @ XYZ Club
by: one of the cupcakes

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